Tuesday, 6 March 2018

World Book Day in Nursery!!!

The Children in Nursery had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day. All the children looked absolutely fabulous!

Even the Hulk had a go at reading!

Can you guess who our favourite story characters are and which book they are from?

We are the Buses. (with Cruella and Pongo!!)

How good do we look?????

We are the Rockets. (with Pongo and friend!!)

We think we look Fab!!!!! What do you think?

We are the Cars.

Looking absolutely fabulous too!!!!

We are the Boats.

Looking great!!!

Miss Clarkson, Mrs Kumar and Mrs Jakhu came dressed as their favourite characters too! 

It was so exciting to see our teachers joining in and they looked amazing!

We had lots of fun listening to stories on the whiteboard, reading to our friends and listening to our teachers read to us.

We even went to the Infant library where Cruella (Mrs Kumar)  read us a really interesting story!

The children really enjoyed World Book Day and learnt the importance of books and reading. They were even more excited when they all received a reading book to take home. 

We cant wait to tell our parents how much fun we had.

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