Thursday, 15 February 2018

Chinese New Year Celebrations!!!

Nursery had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year!

We listened to the story about how the animals had a race and how the years were named after each animal. The children were able to re-tell parts of the story too! We also learnt about the Chinese culture, which helped build on our Knowledge and Understanding Skills.

There were lots of activities to choose from and we had so much fun when our parents came to help us celebrate too. 

We made animal masks. We had to cut around the mask very carefully and decorate it, this helped build our fine motor skills.

Can you guess our favourite animal?

We made Chinese lanterns.

As this year is the year of the dog, our cards had a lovely picture of a dog on the front. We coloured it in beautifully and then decorated it using a variety of collage materials and glitter which helped us build on our art and design skills.

We also made money envelopes because they are a sign of good fortune and wealth.

Our parents really enjoyed taking part and gave really positive comments about the activity day 👍👍👍

Miss Clarkson even taught the children a dragon dance!!!

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  1. What lovely photographs to show the activities that Nursery did! At the moment I can't play the video so I have missed Miss Clarkson Dragon Dancing!


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