Wednesday, 28 March 2018


This term, the Nursery have launched their new topic:


We have been really excited to set up our new role play area. The new role play area is: 

'The Holiday Shop'.

At the start of the week, during soda, we made a mind map of what we knew about going on holiday.

 These mind maps helped our language and communication skills. We also answered Who, Where and What questions and were able to build on our memory skills by recalling past events, which in turn, will help with our story telling (using Colourful Semantics.)

My grand dad went to Pakistan on an aeroplane" said Aydin.

 We had some very INTERESTING conversations (to say the least!). We talked about holiday destinations (building on our geography skills) and what we might take with us (suitcases, tickets etc).


'Hello! Where would you like to go' asks Tasneem.

All the children helped to make resources for the role play area. We had some fantastic pictures of different types of transport that we might use to go to our holiday destination. These pictures have been displayed in the role pay area. A few examples can be seen below:

'I am drawing an aeroplane' said Zainab.

When the holiday shop was nearly ready, we did lots of dressing up and were getting ready for our holiday.

As you can see, Miss Clarkson is going to a very cold country!!!!!

The children were busy packing their cases!

Suitcases were packed and tickets and passports were ready too! As you can see, we are looking for some amazing sites and views using our binoculars.

Please come over to Nursery if you are fed up of the weather and would like to find some sun, sea and sand!!!!

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