Thursday, 29 March 2018


Welcome to the Easter Celebrations in Nursery!

We have really enjoyed celebrating Easter in the Nursery. There were lots of activities, competitions and loads more to do. Read on to find out more....

We really enjoyed making  chocolate Easter nests and learnt lots of new words like, melting, stirring mixing, crunching (to name a few.)

Look at our finished product! They looked amazing and tasted even better 👍👍😋😋

We also took part in the Easter egg competition and made our Easter hats for the Easter Bonnet parade.

We walked with our parents and teachers around the school and then into the junior playground.

The children from the juniors and infants cheered us along as we walked by through the playground.

Our teachers sang the 'Chick, Chick, Chick Chick Chicken' song and demonstrated how to walk down the catwalk.

We then sang our special Easter song 'Spring in our toes' and everyone enjoyed it.

This was followed by our fantastic catwalk show and everyone clapped and cheered when they saw our super hats!

 Well done Nursery, you did youselves, your parents and your teachers proud!!!

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