Friday, 16 November 2018

Diwali Celebrations in Nursery!!

Namaste Everyone! Happy Diwali!!

 Nursery had a fabulous time celebrating Diwali.

Read on and find out more....

Look how fabulous the Nursery children (and teachers) looked when they dressed up for our Diwali activity day!

Rama and Sita!!!!!

We listened to the Diwali story about Rama and Sita and then acted out the story using masks.

We also learnt the Diwali dance!!


We used ribbons, bells and pom poms!

Our parents came to help us make cards, diva lamps and iced Diwali biscuits!

'My Daddy helped me colour my card'

'Mummy cut the diva lamp with me'.

We all had a fantastic morning and the parents and children really enjoyed joining in with the celebrations!!!

Happy Diwali!

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